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1975 TowardsAutomaticIndexing

Subject Headings: Document Classification Task, Document Classification Algorithm.




  • A number of techniques have been studied for the automatic assignment of controlled subject headings and classifications from free indexing. These techniques involve the automatic manipulation and truncation of the free-index phrases assigned to a document and the use of a manually-constructed thesaurus and automatically-generated dictionaries together with statistical ranking and weighting methods. These are based on the use of a statistically-generated ‘adhesion coefficient’ which reflects the degree of association between the free-indexing terms, the controlled subject headings, and the classifications. By the analysis of a large sample of manually-indexed documents the system generates dictionaries of free-language and controlled-language terms together with their associated classifications and adhesion coefficients. Having learnt from the manually-indexed documents the system uses these dictionaries in the subsequent automatic classification procedure. The accuracy and cost-effectiveness of the automatically-assigned subject headings and classifications has been compared with that of the manual system. The results were encouraging and the costs comparable to those of a manual system.,

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1975 TowardsAutomaticIndexingB. J. FieldTowards Automatic Indexing: Automatic assignment of controlled-language indexing and classification from free indexingJournal of Documentation10.1108/eb0266051975