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Subject Headings: Published Document.



3.2 The Meaning of Publishing, the Meaning of Document

  • One could say that a published document is a presentation of information in a form that can be integrated into the sum of recorded information. Publishing could be said to be the extra effort that is taken to create a document from stored information.
  • Historically, the effort of publication has been imposed by the limitation of previous technologies. When the technologies were swept away by computing, many thought that all the effort in publishing could be dispensed with. Unfortunately this eliminates the production of published documents and leaves just raw information. Publishing a document indicates some level of checking, some level of group agreement and approval, some promise that it is likely that the document can be correctly interpreted, and that a good citizen effort has been made to limit the number of targets to which multiple reference might be made. Raw information caries none of these traits.
  • In publication, reference targets or versions should be limited in number to balance the demand for a readers time and understanding between the one published item at hand and the universe of items the published item has been linked to. In the case of versions, more is definitely not better.


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