2001 AutomaticSummarization

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With the explosion in the quantity of online text and multimedia information in recent years, there has been a renewed interest in automatic summarization. This book provides a systematic introduction to the field, explaining basic definitions, the strategies used by human summarizers, and automatic methods that leverage linguistic and statistical knowledge to produce extracts and abstracts. Drawing from a wealth of research in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and information retrieval, the book also includes detailed assessments of evaluation methods and new topics such as multi-document and multimedia summarization. Previous automatic summarization books have been either collections of specialized papers, or else authored books with only a chapter or two devoted to the field as a whole. This is a useful textbook on the subject, developed based on teaching materials used in two one-semester courses. To further help the student reader, the text includes detailed case studies, accompanied by end-of-chapter reviews and an extensive glossary.


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2001 AutomaticSummarizationInderjeet ManiAutomatic Summarizationhttp://books.google.com/books?id=WVUfl1JsKVQC