Grammatically Correct Sentence

A Grammatically Correct Sentence is a linguistic sentence that is a grammatically correct expression.



  • (Kakkonen, 2007) ⇒ Tuomo Kakkonen. (2007). “Framework and Resources for Natural Language Evaluation." Academic Dissertation. University of Joensuu.
    • A language follows the rules of a given grammar and is represented by using a particular grammar formalism.
    • Definition 3-4. Grammar, rules.
      • A grammar [math]\displaystyle{ G }[/math] is a description of a language L.
      • A grammar [math]\displaystyle{ G }[/math] consists of a lexicon and rules.
      • A lexicon is a structure that defines the terminals in a language.
      • Rules describe how the terminals combine into larger entities.
    • Definition 3-5. Language generated by a grammar, derivation, grammatical and ungrammatical strings.
      • Let L(G) denote that grammar G generates language L.
      • The process of grammar rule applications is referred to as derivation.
      • L(G) is the set of sentences that can be derived by the grammar G.
      • The sentences that grammar G generates are referred to as grammatical.
      • The sentences that are not generated by G are referred to as ungrammatical.