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** a [[Text Wikification Task]],
** a [[Text Wikification Task]],
** a [[WikiText Auto-Completion Task]].
** a [[WikiText Auto-Completion Task]].
* <B>See:</B> [[Reflection (Computer Science)]], [[Visual Studio]], [[Code Completion]], [[Variable (Programming)]], [[Subroutine]], [[Method (Computer Science)]].
* <B>See:</B> [[Programming Language]], [[Source Code]], [[Auto-Completion Task]], [[Reflection (Computer Science)]], [[Visual Studio]], [[Code Completion]], [[Variable (Programming)]], [[Subroutine]], [[Method (Computer Science)]].

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An Intelligent Code Completion Task is a Code Completion Task that ...



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    • Intelligent code completion[1] is a context-aware code completion feature in some programming environments that speeds up the process of coding applications by reducing typos and other common mistakes. Attempts to do this are usually done through auto completion popups when typing, querying parameters of functions, query hints related to syntax errors, etc. Intelligent code completion and related tools serve as documentation and disambiguation for variable names, functions and methods using reflection. [2] Intelligent code completion appears in many program environments, [3] [4] an example implementation being Visual Studio's IntelliSense. The term was originally popularized as "picklist" and some implementations still refer to it as such. [5]
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