Maladapted Person

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A Maladapted Person is a person with maladapted traits.



  • Jeff Wheelwright. (2015). "From Diabetes to Athlete's Foot, Our Bodies Are Maladapted for Modern Life."
    • QUOTE: Today's humans are afflicted with ailments that virtually didn't exist for our nomadic forbears. Can we adapt our way out of them? ...

      ... A lack of regular vigorous physical activity “is one of the most fundamental causes of so many mismatch diseases, it’s hard to know where to start,” Lieberman says. Inactivity when young leads to “inadequate muscle, heart, bone and circulatory development” and when older leads to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, which is rare in female hunter-gatherers. ... To do nothing when you didn’t have to was adaptive once, but it’s maladaptive now. Thus, activity and inactivity were complementary traits, skillfully balanced by the hunter-gatherer but mismanaged by overweight moderns.