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#REDIRECT [[Neuritis Condition]]
A [[Neuritis]] is a [[Nerve]] that ...
* <B>See:</B> [[Reflexes]], [[Nerve]], [[Inflammation]], [[Peripheral Nervous System]], [[Pain]], [[Paresthesia]], [[Paresis]], [[Hypoesthesia]], [[Anesthesia]], [[Paralysis]].
== References ==
=== 2020 ===
* (Wikipedia, 2020) ⇒ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuritis Retrieved:2020-2-14.
** '''Neuritis''' () is inflammation of a [[nerve]]  or the general [[inflammation]] of the [[peripheral nervous system]]. Symptoms depend on the nerves involved but may include [[pain]], [[paresthesia]] (pins-and-needles), [[paresis]] (weakness), [[hypoesthesia]] (numbness), [[anesthesia]], [[paralysis]], wasting, and disappearance of the [[reflexes]]. <ref> Monday, December 23, 2019 </ref>

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