Production System

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A Production System is a processing system that can solve a production task.



  • (Miranker, 2014) ⇒ Daniel P. Miranker. (2014). “TREAT: A New and Efficient Match Algorithm for AI Production System.” Morgan Kaufmann,
    • BOOK OVERVIEW: TREAT: A New and Efficient Match Algorithm for AI Production Systems describes the architecture and software systems embodying the DADO machine, a parallel tree-structured computer designed to provide significant performance improvements over serial computers of comparable hardware complexity in the execution of large expert systems implemented in production system form.

      This book focuses on TREAT as a match algorithm for executing production systems that is presented and comparatively analyzed with the RETE match algorithm. TREAT, originally designed specifically for the DADO machine architecture, handles efficiently both temporally redundant and non-temporally redundant production system programs.

      This publication is suitable for developers and specialists interested in match algorithms for AI production systems.


  • (Ohno, 1988) ⇒ Taiichi Ohno. (1988). “Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-scale Production.” CRC Press.
    • BOOK OVERVIEW: In this classic text, Taiichi Ohno-- inventor of the Toyota Production System and Lean manufacturing--shares the genius that sets him apart as one of the most disciplined and creative thinkers of our time. Combining his candid insights with a rigorous analysis of Toyota's attempts at Lean production, Ohno's book explains how Lean principles can improve any production endeavor. A historical and philosophical description of just-in-time and Lean manufacturing, this work is a must read for all students of human progress. On a more practical level, it continues to provide inspiration and instruction for those seeking to improve efficiency through the elimination of waste.