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A Data Analyst is a data science practitioner who can perform a data mining task.



    • QUOTE: Every company stores vital information within their computers. However, this stored data is not always effectively utilized. Companies storing data could greatly benefit if they stored this data in a centralized database and analyzed it for trends. Recognizing trends can improve marketing and cut costs. This is why many companies are becoming interested in data mining.

      What is data mining? Data mining is a process where data is collected, analyzed from different types of perspectives, and conclusions are drawn from it. The conclusions drawn from analyzed data are often used to cut expenses, increase profits, and make other important business decisions.

      What do you do as a data miner? You assist other specialists determine processes for centralizing collected data from numerous databases, while ensuring these databases are linked. Additionally, you'd be responsible for helping business professionals make decisions about how the data should be analyzed. You would also be responsible for creating reports with your ideas about how the data should be reviewed.

      What kind of training do you need? Data mining specialists must understand how databases are designed and administered and how businesses function.