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A data value is a data item that is an elementary unit of information.




  • (Wikipedia, 2010) ⇒
    • Raw data is a collection of numbers, characters, images or other outputs from devices to convert physical quantities into symbols, in a very broad sense. Such data is typically further processed by a human or input into a computer, stored and processed there, or transmitted (output) to another human or computer. Raw data is a relative term; data processing commonly occurs by stages, and the "processed data" from one stage may be considered the "raw data" of the next.


    • Data Value: A single piece of information. Examples of data values are names, dates, or dollar amounts.
    • A data value that is complete in and of itself, without reference to other data values. Numbers, strings, and ODB addresses are examples of atomic ...
  • DAMA08.
    • Data: Facts represented as text, numbers, graphics, images, sound or video. Data is the raw material used to create information.
  • The most elementary unit of data that can be identified and described in a dictionary or repository which cannot be subdivided.
  • The smallest piece of information considered meaningful and usable. A single logical data fact, the basic building block of a Logical Data Model.
  • The implementation of an attribute in a physical data model. DAMA08