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See: Mathematical Relationship, Positive Relationship, Linear Relationship, Monotonic Function, Inverse Relationship.



  • (Wikipedia, 2011)
    • In mathematics and statistics, a positive or direct relationship is a relationship between two variables in which change in one variable is associated with a change in the other variable in the same direction. For example all linear relationships with a positive slope are direct relationships. Such direct relationships are very widely used in science and mathematics.
    • In a direct relationship, as one variable, say x, increases, the other variable, say y, also increases, and if one variable decreases, the other variable decreases. The formula for a direct linear relation is
      • [math]y[/math] = [math]a[/math] + kx, where k is positive constant and a is a constant.
    • See for example temperature conversion, where two temperature scales are typically in a direct and linear relation.