Sentiment Analysis Task

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A Sentiment Analysis Task is an analysis task that identifies sentiments.




  • (Souleles, 2004) ⇒ Nicholas S. Souleles. (2004). “Expectations, Heterogeneous Forecast Errors, and Consumption: Micro evidence from the Michigan consumer sentiment surveys.” In: Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (2004): 39-72.
    • QUOTE: ... The actual samples used in the different analyses in the paper can differ somewhat due to missing data or additional sample restrictions, as explained in the text and the following tables. ... Preliminary analysis found that for most sentiment questions, the effects of age and ...


  • (Chandler & Tsai, 2001) ⇒ Charles R. Chandler, and Yung-mei Tsai. (2001). “Social Factors Influencing Immigration Attitudes: an analysis of data from the General Social Survey." The Social Science Journal, 38(2).
    • QUOTE: ... We used the white, nonwhite categories in the regression analyses, but race was not found to ... Also, anti-immigration sentiment has remained fairly constant in the US since the early 1980s ... smaller numbers of immigrants, this factor dropped out of sight in the multivariate analysis. ...