Particle Physics Standard Model

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A Particle Physics Standard Model is a Particle Physics Model concerning the electromagnetic, weak, and strong nuclear interactions, which mediate the dynamics of the known subatomic particles.



  1. Sean Carroll, Ph.D., Cal Tech, 2007, The Teaching Company, Dark Matter, Dark Energy: The Dark Side of the Universe, Guidebook Part 2 page 59, Accessed Oct. 7, 2013, "...Standard Model of Particle Physics: The modern theory of elementary particles and their interactions … It does not, strictly speaking, include gravity, although it's often convenient to include gravitons among the known particles of nature..."
  2. In fact, there are mathematical issues regarding quantum field theories still under debate (see e.g. Landau pole), but the predictions extracted from the Standard Model by current methods are all self-consistent. For a further discussion see e.g. Chapter 25 of