Orthographic Word Mention

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An Orthographic Word Mention is a text character string demarcated by whitespace characters.



  • (Bauer, 2000) ⇒ Laurie Bauer. (2000). “Word.” In: "Morphology.", edited by Geert Booij, Christian Lehmann, and Joachim Mugdan. ISBN:9783110111286
    • QUOTE: An orthographic word is usually defined as a unit which, in writing, is bounded by spaces on both sides …

      … Similarly, it is relatively easy to show that the orthographic word does not always coincide with speakers intuitions about word-units. There are a number of cases even in highly codified languages like the European languages where native speakers are in doubt as to whether to write something as one or more words. Alright versus all right and insofaras versus insofar as versus in so far as provide simple examples from English...