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Bioinformatics Subject Area is a Subject Area that combines Computer Science and Biology.





  • Master's Degree in Statistics at the University of Chicago.
    • Biostatistics: Biology, medicine and psychology are major areas where quantitative analysis are essential. The program relies on an intimate collaboration with practitioners in the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. Several courses that are suitable for this track are offered by the Health Studies Department.
    • Statistical Genetics: Statistics plays an important role in modern genetics and bioinformatics. Faculty in the Department of Statistics have broad interests in this area including gene mapping, analysis of gene expression data, and other mathematical and statistical problems arising in genetics. Additional coursework beyond the usual program may be required, and even well-prepared students may need at least part of a second year to specialize in statistical genetics.


    • Bioinformatics: The scientific discipline that encompasses all aspects of biological information acquisition, processing, storage, distribution, analysis and interpretation that = combines the tools of mathematics, computer science and biology with the aim of understanding the biological significance of a variety of data. Also referred to as computational biology.