Compound Subject

See: Linguistics Subject, Sentence Subject.



  • (Crystal, 2008) ⇒ David Crystal. (2008). “A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics, 6th edition." Blackwell Publishing.
    • compound (n.) A term used widely in DESCRIPTIVE LINGUISTIC studies to refer to a linguistic UNIT which is composed of ELEMENTS that function independently in other circumstances. Of particular currency are the notions of compound found in 'compound WORDS' (consisting of two or more free MORPHEMES, as in such 'compound NOUNS' as bedroom, rainfall, and washing machine) and 'compound SENTENCES' (consisting of two or more main CLAUSES); but other application of the term exist, as in 'compound VERBS' (e.g. come in), 'compound TENSES' (those consisting of an AUXILIARY + LEXICAL verb), 'compound SUBJECTS/OBJECTS', etc. (where the clause elements consist of more than one noun PHRASE or PRONOUN, as in the boys and the girls shouted) and 'compound PREPOSITIONS' (e.g. in accordance with). See also BAHAVRUIHI, DVANDVA.