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A [[Semantic Role Labeling System]] is a [[shallow semantic parsing system]] that applies a [[semantic role labeling algorithm]] to solve a [[semantic role labeling task]].
#REDIRECT [[Semantic Role Labeling (SRL) System]]
* <B>AKA:</B> [[SRL System]].
* <B>Context:</B>
** It can range from being a [[Heuristic Semantic Role Labeling System]] to being a [[Data-Driven Semantic Role Labeling System]].
* <B>Example(s):</B>
** http://cogcomp.cs.illinois.edu/page/demo_view/SRL
* <B>Counter-Example(s):</B>
** an [[NER System]].
** a [[Syntactic Parsing System]].
* <B>See:</B> [[Shallow Parsing System]].

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