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A Judgement is a statement that satisfies a judgment task.



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    • Judgement (or US spelling judgment) [1] is also known as adjudication which means the evaluation of evidence to make a decision. [2] Judgement is also the ability to make considered decisions.

      The term has at least five distinct uses. Aristotle suggested we think of the opposite of different uses of a term, if one exists, to help determine if the uses are really different. Some opposites will be included here to help demonstrate their uses are really distinct:

      • Informal – opinions expressed as facts.
      • Informal and psychological – used in reference to the quality of cognitive faculties and adjudicational capabilities of particular individuals, typically called wisdom or discernment. The opposites are foolishness or indiscretion.
      • Formal - the mental act of affirming or denying one thing of another through comparison. Judgements are communicated to others using agreed-upon terms in the form of words or algebraic symbols as meanings to form propositions relating the terms, and whose further asserted meanings "of relation" are interpreted by those trying to understand the judgement.
      • Legal – used in the context of legal trial, to refer to a final finding, statement, or ruling, based on a considered weighing of evidence, called, "adjudication". Opposites could be suspension or deferment of adjudication. See spelling note for further explanation.
      • Religious – used in the concept of salvation to refer to the adjudication of God in determining Heaven or Hell for each and all human beings. God's assessment of a person's worth: a determination of "good" conveys great value while "evil" conveys worthlessness. Yet, it is also written, "God is no respecter of persons."
    • Additionally, judgement can mean:



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