Protein Mention

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A Protein Mention is a protein reference in the form of an entity mention.

  • AKA: Gene Product Mention.
  • Context:
    • It can include a Gene.
  • Example(s):
    • See PPLRE Data Examples.
    • "[PROTEIN Protein K] is an [LOCATION outer membrane] protein found in pathogenic encapsulated strains of [ORGANISM Escherichia coli]."
    • "The [PROTEIN frcBCA] genes encode the characteristic components of an ATP-binding cassette transporter ([PROTEIN FrcB], a [LOCATION periplasmic] substrate binding protein, [PROTEIN FrcC], an integral [LOCATION membrane] permease, and [PROTEIN FrcA], an ATP-binding [LOCATION cytoplasmic] protein), which is the unique high-affinity (Km of 6 M) fructose uptake system in [ORGANISM S. meliloti]."
  • Counter-Example(s):
  • See: Protein NER, Protein Mention Clustering Task, Protein Record.