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A Work Task is a human-performed task that is performed for personal benefit (by the work performer).




  • (Russell, 1932) ⇒ Bertrand Russell. (1932). “In praise of idleness: and other essays." ISBN:0415325064
    • QUOTE: If, at the end of the war, the scientific organization, which had been created in order to liberate men for fighting and munition work, had been preserved, and the hours of the week had been cut down to four, all would have been well. Instead of that the old chaos was restored, those whose work was demanded were made to work long hours, and the rest were left to starve as unemployed. Why? Because work is a duty, and a man should not receive wages in proportion to what he has produced, but in proportion to his virtue as exemplified by his industry. This is the morality of the Slave State, applied in circumstances totally unlike those in which it arose. No wonder the result has been disastrous.