Control Group Member

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A Control Group Member is an interventional experiment case whose is a member of a control group (for some given controlled experiment) who do not receive the experiment treatment.





  • US National Institute of Health. "IUPAC Glossary of Terms Used in Toxicology."
    • control group: Selected subjects of study, identified as a rule before a study is done, which comprises humans, animals, or other species who do not have the disease, intervention, procedure or whatever is being studied, but in all other respects are as nearly identical to the test group as possible.
    • matched control: Control (individual or group or case) selected to be similar to a study individual or group, or case, in specific characteristics: some commonly used matching variables are age, sex, race and socio-economic status.
    • Control Specimen - In studies, this is a set of reference data or specimens that are used to compare with the data or specimens being treated or examined. Control specimens help scientists know if the differences they see are truly because something is wrong or if they just happened by chance.