Cytoplasmic Membrane

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A cytoplasm membrane is a cell membrane that encapsulates the cytoplasm.


  • (Wikipedia, 2009)
    • The cell membrane (also called the plasma membrane or plasmalemma) is the biological membrane separating the interior of a cell from the outside environment.
    • It is a semipermeable lipid bilayer found in all cells. It contains a wide variety of biological molecules, primarily proteins and lipids, which are involved in a vast array of cellular processes such as cell adhesion, ion channel conductance and cell signaling. The plasma membrane also serves as the attachment point for both the intracellular cytoskeleton and, if present, the extracellular cell wall.
  • Gene Ontology
    • Accession: GO:0005886
    • Ontology : cellular component
    • Synonyms
      • narrow: bacterial inner membrane
      • narrow: inner endospore membrane
      • exact: cell membrane
      • exact: cytoplasmic membrane
      • exact: plasmalemma
      • broad: juxtamembran
    • Definition
      • The membrane surrounding a cell that separates the cell from its external environment. It consists of a phospholipid bilayer and associated proteins. [source: ISBN:0716731363]