DUC 2007

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See: DUC, DUC 2006, DUC 2007 Benchmark Task, DUC 2007 Workshop, DUC 2007 Update Summarization Pilot Task.



  • http://www-nlpir.nist.gov/projects/duc/duc2007/tasks.html
    • QUOTE: DUC 2007 will consist of two tasks. The tasks are independent, and participants in DUC 2007 may choose to do one or both tasks:
      • 1. Main task
      • 2. Update task (pilot)
    • The main task is the same as the DUC 2006 task and will model real-world complex question answering, in which a question cannot be answered by simply stating a name, date, quantity, etc. Given a topic and a set of 25 relevant documents, the task is to synthesize a fluent, well-organized 250-word summary of the documents that answers the question(s) in the topic statement. Successful performance on the task will benefit from a combination of IR and NLP capabilities, including passage retrieval, compression, and generation of fluent text.
    • The update task will be to produce short (~100 words) multi-document update summaries of newswire articles under the assumption that the user has already read a set of earlier articles. The purpose of each update summary will be to inform the reader of new information about a particular topic.