Engaging Manager

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An Engaging Manager is an organizational manager who helps to engender engaged workers.



  • https://engageforsuccess.org/engaging-managers
    • QUOTE: ... Engaging managers make each of us feel part of the team. Engaging managers agree with us clear objectives and show us how our work contributes to the organisation’s objectives. Engaging managers coach us and stretch us and bring the best out of us.

      Engaging managers give us regular, thoughtful, honest and constructive feedback on our performance. Managers get the behaviours they are prepared to walk past. Engaging managers do not walk past dysfunctional behaviour. They tackle it by giving feedback in the context of overall performance in a way that encourages and empowers an individual to build on their strengths and helped to address behaviours that are getting in the way of great performance.

      Engaging managers thank us for our work. Engaging managers put considerable effort into making sure the successes and achievements of individuals and teams are fully acknowledged. Engaging managers create a culture of praise and acknowledgement. Engaging managers are approachable and available when needed. Engaging managers take time to get to know us. Engaging managers discuss our professional and career development with us at regular points during the year, and support us to achieve our goals. Engaging managers look out for our welfare. Engaging managers are discrete and can be trusted. ...