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  • (Vossen et al., 1998) ⇒ Piek Vossen, Claudia Kunze, Andreas Wagner, Dominique Dutoit, Karel Pala, Pavel Sevecek, Kadri Vider, Leho Paldre, Heili Orav, Haldur Õim. (1998). “Set of Common Base Concepts in EuroWordNet-2." October 14, 1998.
    • a set of 1310 common Base Concepts represented as Inter-Lingual-Index records (mostly WordNet1.5 synsets)
    • can play an important role in two or more wordnets.
    • Importance is measured in terms of number of relations attached
    • The fourth heuristics makes use of the fact that we have separately added the 63 Top Concepts (TCs) to the Base Concepts (the most important concepts) in the Dutch wordnet and WordNet1.5.
    • The TCs represent fundamental semantic features, such as Natural, Artifact, Dynamic, Static, Physical, Mental that can be combined into complex feature combinations (see the general documentation for a further motivation and explanation of the top-ontology).

  • (Alonge et al., 1998) ⇒ Antonietta Alonge, Nicoletta Calzolari, Piek Vossen, Laura Bloksma, Irene Castellon, Maria Antonia Marti, and Wim Peters. (1998). “The linguistic design of the EuroWordNet database.” In: EuroWordNet, Piek Vossen (Ed.). Kluwer Academic Publishers.
    • also In: Computers and the Humanities, 32(2)?

  • (Rodríguez et al., 1998) ⇒ Horacio Rodríguez, Salvador Climent, Piek Vossen, Laura Bloksma, Wim Peters, Antonietta Alonge, Francesca Bertagna, and Adriana Roventini. (1998). “The top-down strategy for building EuroWordNet: vocabulary coverage, base concepts and top ontology.” In: EuroWordNet, Piek Vossen (Ed.). Kluwer Academic Publishers.