Formal System

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A Formal System is a formal specification of 1) a formal language and 2) a finite set of formal operations.




  • (Gabbay, 1994) ⇒ Dov M. Gabbay. (1994). “What is a Logical System?." Oxford University Press. ISBN:0198538596
    • The central role which proof theoretical methodologies play in generating logics compels us to put forward the view that a logical system is a pair (|~, S|~), where S|~ is a proof theory for |~. In other words, we are saying that it is not enough to know |~ to 'understand' the logic, but we must also know how it is presented (i.e. S|~).
    • A logical system is a pair (|~, S|~), where |~ is a structured-consequence, and S|~ is an algorithmic system for it.