Karen Spärck Jones

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Karen Spärck Jones is a person.




  • (Spärck Jones & Gallers, 1996) ⇒ Karen Spärck Jones, and Julia Rose Galliers. (1996). “Evaluating Natural Language Processing Systems, An Analysis and Review.” Springer. ISBN:3540613099
    • This comprehensive state-of-the-art book is the first devoted to the important and timely issue of evaluating NLP systems. It addresses the whole area of NLP system evaluation, including aims and scope, problems and methodology. The authors provide a wide-ranging and careful analysis of evaluation concepts, reinforced with extensive illustrations; they relate systems to their environments and develop a framework for proper evaluation. The discussion of principles is completed by a detailed review of practice and strategies in the field, covering both systems for specific tasks, like translation, and core language processors. The methodology lessons drawn from the analysis and review are applied in a series of example cases. The book also refers NLP system evaluation to the neighbouring areas of information and speech processing, and addresses issues of tool and data provision for evaluation. A comprehensive bibliography and subject index are included as well as a term glossary. This monograph will be a valuable source of inspiration in research, practice, and teaching.


  • (Lewis & Spärck Jones, 1995) ⇒ David D. Lewis, and Karen Spärck Jones. (1995). “Natural Language Processing for Information Retrieval.” In: Communications of the ACM, 39(1). doi:10.1145/234173.234210.
    • There are many types of indexing languages. Terms may be the same terms appearing in the text to be indexed (natural language) or may be limited to those from an artificial or controlled language whose design involves many of the concerns associated with treating meaning representation for NLP.1 Indexing languages vary according to several factors:
  • (Spärck Jones, 1994) ⇒ Karen Spärck Jones. (1994). “Comparison Between TREC2 and TREC3.” In: D. Harman (ed.), The Third Text REtrieval Conference (TREC3), National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication.