Knowledge Graph (KG) Database

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A Knowledge Graph (KG) Database is a semantic network that is a knowledge base.



Pan et al., 2023 - Figure 5.png



  • (Yu et al., 2020) ⇒ Jay Yu, Kevin McCluskey, and Saikat Mukherjee. (2020). “Tax Knowledge Graph for a Smarter and More Personalized TurboTax.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2009.06103. doi::10.48550/arXiv.2009.06103.
    • ABSTRACT: Most knowledge graph use cases are data-centric, focusing on representing data entities and their semantic relationships. There are no published success stories to represent large-scale complicated business logic with knowledge graph technologies. In this paper, we will share our innovative and practical approach to representing complicated U.S. and Canadian income tax compliance logic (calculations and rules) via a large-scale knowledge graph. We will cover how the Tax Knowledge Graph is constructed and automated, how it is used to calculate tax refunds, reasoned to find missing info, and navigated to explain the calculated results. The Tax Knowledge Graph has helped transform Intuit's flagship TurboTax product into a smart and personalized experience, accelerating and automating the tax preparation process while instilling confidence for millions of customers.


  • (Wang et al., 2017) ⇒ Quan Wang, Zhendong Mao, Bin Wang, and Li Guo. (2017). “Knowledge Graph Embedding: A Survey of Approaches and Applications.” IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 29, no. 12
    • ABSTRACT: Knowledge graph (KG) embedding is to embed components of a KG including entities and relations into continuous vector spaces, so as to simplify the manipulation while preserving the inherent structure of the KG. It can benefit a variety of downstream tasks such as KG completion and relation extraction, and hence has quickly gained massive attention. ...