Salesforce Audience Studio Platform

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A Salesforce Audience Studio Platform is an DMP platform that is a part of Krux Audience Manager (by Salesforce).





    • QUOTE: It has been six months since Krux joined the Salesforce Ohana. And, today we are kicking off our fifth Data Matters event with an amazing community of brand marketers, publishers, agencies, partners and employees. We think of this community as Data Trailblazers. This is the idea that, through knowledge and education, we can blaze new trails in our own personal careers, for our customers, and with our colleagues.

      We are also announcing that we are changing our name from Krux to Salesforce DMP. It’s another significant milestone of being part of Salesforce and our future. But before I get into where we are headed, I want to rewind a bit and take a look at how we got here.


    • QUOTE: Within the Krux platform, there are three primary modules:​
      • Capture: responsible for gathering data, in batch or real-time, from different sources, devices, screens and channels.
      • Analysis: providing tools to analyze that data, using state of the art data processing technologies like Hadoop, Spark and Kafka.
      • Activation: directing the data into execution systems to enable personalized user experiences across any channel or device.
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