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See: Lift Effect, Association Rule Lift Measure.



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    • Elevator or lift, a device used for raising and lowering people or goods
      • Rack lift, a type of elevator
      • Ski lift, an aerial or surface lift for uphill transport
      • Space elevator, a hypothetical structure for transporting material from a planet's surface into outer space
      • Wheelchair lift or platform lift, a powered device to assist a person in a wheelchair
      • Patient lift or Hoyer lift, mobile lift, ceiling lift, or patient lift, a lift to assist a caregiver for a disabled patient
    • Forklift, a powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials short distances
    • Scissor lift, a type of aerial work platform
    • Body lift, an adaptation (of fixed height) to lift the automobile body from the frame
    • Suspension lift, a modification raising the suspension of the automobile
    • Stairlift, a mechanical device to help elderly people get up stairs