Many-to-Many Relation

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A Many-to-Many Relation is a binary relation where one Argument Value is associated to many Argument Values and vice-versa.

  • Context:
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  • Example(s):
    • An IsParentTo(A,B) and IsSiblingTo(A,B) are one.
    • A Meronomy Relation.
    • IsParentTo(A,B)
    • IsSiblingTo(A,B)
    • A motorcycle is made up of many parts, and many of these can also make up a bicycle, e.g. wheels and handlebars.
    • An artist can create in many genres and a genre is associated to many artists.
    • A product's part can come from many suppliers and a supplier creates many distinct parts.
    • A protein can localize at many subcellular locations and many proteins reside at a subcellular location.
    • A research paper cites many other papers and can by cited by many papers.
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  • Counter-Example(s):
  • See: Relation.