Microsoft Smart-Tag Service

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A Microsoft Smart-Tag Service is an Automated Concept Mention Linking Service managed by Microsoft.





  • (Hughes et al., 2002) ⇒ Gareth Hughes, and Leslie Carr. (2002). “Microsoft Smart Tags: support, ignore or condemn them?" In: Proceedings of the thirteenth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia


    • ABSTRACT: This paper describes the latest instantiation of the open hypermedia concept of the generic link as it appears in Microsoft&153; Office products - the Smart Tag. We review the background to generic linking and the technology involved in Smart Tags and discuss the reaction to this application in the computing press. Recommendations are made on how the system design could be improved for our purposes.


  •,290660,sid1_gci755198,00.html What is smart tags?
    • QUOTE: DEFINITION - Microsoft's Smart Tags were a proposed feature of Windows XP that would allow Microsoft and its partners to insert their own links into any Web page viewed through its Internet Explorer browser. These links (which appear as purple dashed underlining, to differentiate them from original content links) are similar to traditional hyperlinks, but more complex and interactive: when the cursor hovers over a Smart Tagged word, a drop-down list appears with a selection of links related to the word. A number of companies are developing industry or application-specific Smart Tag libraries - for example, for the insurance industry or for medical applications. A Microsoft partner, Keylogix, has an application called ActiveDocs Smart Tags that allows end users to create their own Smart Tags from within Microsoft Word.