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An Organism is a Physical Living System.




    • QUOTE: ... All organisms face a trade-off between reproducing and surviving and have adapted to solve this problem in different ways. The team found bird species with a “live fast, die young” strategy develop quicker, allowing them to maximise the number of offspring they can produce in the short time they have available.

      Dr Chris Cooney, the study’s lead author, said: “The amount of time it takes for a fertilised egg to develop into a fully grown adult varies hugely across the animal kingdom. For instance, it takes an elephant almost 10 years to reach independence, whereas a fruit fly is fully grown after only a matter of days.

      “This extraordinary diversity is also encapsulated within birds, where albatrosses can take almost a year to develop from an embryo to an independent adult, but a typical UK garden songbird takes little more than a month. We found that certain aspects of a species’ lifestyle and environment are important in explaining how long they take to develop.”