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See: Predicate Function; Predicate Phrase;, Predicate Logic; Clause; First-Order Logic; Logic Program.



  • WordNet predicate
    • make the (grammatical) predicate in a proposition; "The predicate `dog' is predicated of the subject `Fido' in the sentence `Fido is a dog'"
    • one of the two main constituents of a sentence; the predicate contains the verb and its complements
    • Sometimes it is inconvenient or impossible to describe a set by listing all of its elements. Another useful way to define a set is by specifying a property that the elements of the set have in common. The notation P(x) is used to denote a sentence or statement P concerning the variable object x. ...

    • Noun
      • 1. (grammar) The part of the sentence (or clause) which states something about the subject.
        • In "The dog barked very loudly", the subject is "the dog" and the predicate is "barked very loudly".
      • 2. (logic) A statement that may be true or false depending on the values of its variables.
      • 3. (computing) An operator or function that returns either true or false.

    • A set of clauses or a relation.