Propositional Logic Language

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A Propositional Logic Language is a logic language that allows the expression of propositional logic sentences.



  • (Goldrei, 2005) ⇒ Derek Goldrei. (2005). “Propositional and Predicate Calculus: A Model of Argument." Springer.
    • QUOTE: We are about to describe a formal proof system and say what is meant by a formal derivation of a formula. Our aim is that the formal system should match logical consequence. For a set Γ of formulas and a formula ϕ, we write Γ |= ϕ to express that ϕ is a logical consequence of Γ. We can record Γ as a set of assumptions from which ϕ follows. We shall use the similar notation Γ |- ϕ to express that there is a formal derivation of ϕ from Γ.