Text Indexing System

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A Text Indexing System is an indexing system that can support fast text item querys by creating index data structure.



  1. In practice it may be difficult to determine how a given search engine works. The search algorithms actually employed by web search services are seldom fully disclosed out of fear that web entrepreneurs will use search engine optimization techniques to improve their prominence in retrieval lists.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_text_search#Indexing
    • QUOTE:The indexer will make an entry in the index for each term or word found in a document and possibly its relative position within the document. Usually the indexer will ignore stop words, such as the English "the", which are both too common and carry too little meaning to be useful for searching. Some indexers also employ language-specific stemming on the words being indexed, so for example any of the words "drives", "drove", or "driven" will be recorded in the index under a single concept word "drive".