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A TOP500 List is a ranked list of the 500 HPC systems (Top500 systems) with the highest LINPACK benchmark scores.





    • In the present list (which we call the TOP500), we list computers ranked by their performance on the LINPACK Benchmark. While we make every attempt to verify the results obtained from users and vendors, errors are bound to exist and should be brought to our attention. We intend to continue to update this list half-yearly and, in this way, to keep track with the evolution of computers. Hence, we welcome any comments and information; please use the following mail form. The list is freely available at where you can create additional sublists and statistics out of the TOP500 database on your own. Here you also have access to postscript versions of slides dealing with the interpretation of the present situation as well as with the evolution over time since we started this project.

      The main objective of the TOP500 list is to provide a ranked list of general purpose systems that are in common use for high end applications. The authors of the Top500 reserve the right to independently verify submitted LINPACK results, and exclude systems from the list which are not valid or not general purpose in nature. By general purpose system we mean that the computer system must be able to be used to solve a range of scientific problems. Any system designed specifically to solve the LINPACK benchmark problem or have as its major purpose the goal of a high Top500 ranking will be disqualified.