DBLP Computer Science Bibliographical Service

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A DBLP Computer Science Bibliographical Service is an online digital catalog for academic literature focused on Computer Science.




  • (Wikipedia, 2009) ⇒ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DBLP
    • DBLP (Digital Bibliography & Library Project) is a computer science bibliography website [1] hosted at Universität Trier, in Germany. It was originally a database and logic programming bibliography site, and has existed at least since the 1980s. DBLP listed more than one million articles on computer science in March (2008). Journals tracked on this site include VLDB, a journal for very large databases, the IEEE Transactions and the ACM Transactions. Conference proceedings papers are also tracked. It is mirrored at five sites across the Internet.
    • For his work on maintaining DBLP, Michael Ley received an award from the Association for Computing Machinery and the VLDB Endowment Special Recognition Award in 1997.
    • DBLP originally stood for DataBase systems and Logic Programming but is now taken to stand for Digital Bibliography & Library Project. [1]