Guilt Emotion

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A Guilt Emotion is a emotional experience where the emotional agent feels that their actions have compromised/violated their personal standard of conduct.



  • Justin Rowlatt. (2016). “The Opium Farmers with the Police on Their Side.” In: BBC News
    • QUOTE: He saw me taste the drug. “Don't do that. That stuff is very bad for you," he says. “Haven't you ever been tempted to try it?" I want to know. “I know that if I start using it, I'll get addicted and my future will be destroyed. The people who use it - I've seen them in the cities lying down, their family life is destroyed, their children don't go to school," he tells me. “But you're helping produce the stuff. Don't you feel guilty?" I ask. I'm not surprised by his answer. “I've got no choice," he says. “I've got no job and you get good money with the opium."


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