Artificially Intelligent (AI) Agent

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An Artificially Intelligent (AI) Agent is an AI-system that is an agent system (which can perform AI agent tasks to make decisions based on data, without constant human intervention, and can interact with its environment or other systems).



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    1. AI Agent Properties Table:
Examples Reactive AI Agent Proactive AI Agent Simple AI Agent Complex AI Agent Specific AI Agent General AI Agent Rule-based AI Agent Learning-based AI Agent Supervised AI Agent Unsupervised AI Agent Single-agent AI System Multi-agent AI System Local AI System Global AI System Physical AI System Virtual AI System Passive AI System Active AI System Human-like AI System Non-human-like AI System
Light-sensitive robots moving towards/away from light sources X X X X X X
Personal assistants predicting user's next action X X X X X
Basic chatbots answering predefined queries X X X X X
Image recognition systems diagnosing specific diseases X X X
General purpose robotics systems adaptable to tasks X X X X
Legacy expert systems in medical diagnosis X X X
Autonomous cars learning from on-road experiences X X X X X
Recommendation systems refining suggestions based on behavior X X X X
Image classifiers trained on labeled datasets X X
Anomaly detection systems in network security X X
Standalone virtual customer service agents on websites X X
Swarm robotics used for coordinated tasks like search and rescue X X X X X X
Home automation systems controlling devices in a house X X X
Global weather prediction systems X X X X X X
Warehouse robots for sorting and moving items X X X X
Virtual assistants on smartphones or computers X X X X
Humanoid robots for social interaction or companionship X X X X
Industrial robotic arms for manufacturing X X X