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A CRFpp Package is a CRF Package developed by Taku Kudo.


    • CRF++ is a simple, customizable, and open source implementation of Conditional Random Fields (CRFs) for segmenting/labeling sequential data. CRF++ is designed for generic purpose and will be applied to a variety of NLP tasks, such as Named Entity Recognition, Information Extraction and Text Chunking.
    • Features
      • It can redefine feature sets
      • Written in C++ with STL
      • Fast training based on LBFGS, a quasi-newton algorithm for large scale numerical optimization problem.
      • Less memory usage both in training and testing
      • encoding/decoding in practical time
      • It can perform n-best outputs
      • It can perform single-best MIRA training
      • It can output marginal probabilities for all candidates
      • Available as an open source software
    • To Do
      • Support semi-Markov CRF
      • Support piece-wise CRF
      • Provide useful C++/C API (Currently no APIs are available)