Customer Feedback Management (CFM) 3rd-Party Platform

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A Customer Feedback Management (CFM) 3rd-Party Platform is a application analytics 3rd-party platform that facilitates the creation of customer feedback management systems.

  • Context:
    • It can (typically) provide tools for gathering and analyzing customer feedback from various channels such as surveys, social media, and email.
    • It can (typically) integrate with other business systems like CRM, helpdesk, and marketing automation tools.
    • It can (typically) include reporting and visualization tools for tracking key metrics and deriving insights.
    • It can range from being a Cloud-based CFM Platform to being an On-Premise CFM Platform.
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  • Example(s):
    • Qualtrics CFM: A comprehensive platform with advanced survey capabilities and analytics tools.
    • GetFeedback CFM: An intuitive platform emphasizing feedback collection on websites and mobile apps.
    • Trustpilot Business CFM: A platform focusing on managing online reviews and building customer trust.
    • Birdeye CFM: A tool for acquiring more reviews, managing online reputation, and enhancing customer experience.
    • Mopinion CFM: A platform that allows the collection of visual feedback (such as screenshots and recordings) in addition to traditional feedback forms.
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  • Counter-Example(s):
  • See: Customer Feedback, Web Applications, Sentiment Analysis, Customer Relationship Management (CRM).




  • Bard
    • Customer feedback management (CFM) 3rd-party platforms help businesses gather, analyze, and act on customer feedback across various channels. They can be valuable tools for improving the customer experience, driving product development, and boosting loyalty.
    • Key functionalities:
      • Feedback collection: Through surveys, polls, email, social media, website widgets, live chat, and more.
      • Feedback analysis: Tools for sentiment analysis, categorization, tagging, and identifying trends.
      • Reporting and visualization: Dashboards and reports to track key metrics and gain insights.
      • Action management: Assign tasks, track progress, and close the feedback loop.
      • Integrations: Connect with other business systems like CRM, helpdesk, and marketing automation tools.
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    • Benefits of using a CFM platform:
      • Centralized feedback: Manage all feedback from various sources in one place.
      • Improved understanding of customers: Gain insights into their needs, wants, and pain points.
      • Actionable data: Turn insights into actionable improvements for your product, service, or customer experience.
      • Increased customer satisfaction: Show customers you care about their feedback and act on it.
      • Improved business performance: Drive growth and profitability by addressing customer concerns.
      • ...
    • Popular CFM platforms:
      • Qualtrics: A comprehensive platform with powerful survey capabilities and advanced analytics.
      • GetFeedback: Easy-to-use platform with a focus on website and mobile app feedback.
      • Trustpilot Business: Manage online reviews and build trust with potential customers.
      • Birdeye: Get more reviews, manage online reputation, and improve customer experience.
      • Mopinion: Collect visual feedback (screenshots, recordings) alongside traditional forms.