D3NER NER System

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A D3NER NER System is a BiLSTM-CRF Training System that is used to solves a Named Entity Recognition Task.

  • Context:
    • It can be used for:
      • Running D3NER main program:

        python main.pyc [-h] model dataset input_file output_file

      • Evaluating a pre-trained model:

        python -m train.evaluate [-h] [-cf] model dataset test_set

      • Building data for model training and evaluation:

        python -m train.build_data [-h] dataset train_set dev_set test_set word_embedding ab3p;

      • Training new model:

        python -m train.run [-h] [-es | -e EPOCH] [-v] model dataset train_set dev_set

where model is the name of the model being used; dataset the name of the dataset that the model was trained on; input_file is path to the input file; output_file path to the output file; train_set is path to the training dataset; dev_set is the path to the development dataset; test_set is the path to the test dataset; word_embedding is path to the word embedding pre-trained model (e.g. wikipedia-pubmed-and-PMC-w2v.bin); ab3p path to the Ab3P program. -h shows help message; -cf prints out the confusion_matrix; -es performs an early stop; -e EPOCH, prints out the number of epochs to train; -v prints ouy training process.



  • (Github, 2018) ⇒ AiDante-D3NER: https://github.com/aidantee/D3NER Retrieved: 2018-07-01
    • QUOTE: D3NER, version 1.0, is a program that was developed by AiDante team. The program has 3 main purposes:
      • Recognizing disease and chemical entities in text documents,
      • Evaluating pre-trained models with test dataset,
      • Training new models with given corpora that follow the BioCreative V format.