Nonparametric Statistical Model

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A Nonparametric Statistical Model is a Statistical Model that requires few assumptions about the underlying Dataset.




  • (Wikipedia, 2009) ⇒
    • In Statistics, the term non-parametric statistics covers a range of topics:
      • distribution free methods which do not rely on assumptions that the data are drawn from a given probability distribution. As such it is the opposite of parametric statistics. It includes non-parametric statistical models, inference and statistical tests.
      • non-parametric statistic can refer to a Statistic (a function on a sample) whose interpretation does not depend on the population fitting any parametrized distributions. Statistics cased on the ranks of observations are one example of such statistics and these play a central role in many non-parametric approaches.
      • non-parametric regression refers to modelling where the structure of the relationship between variables is treated non-parametrically, but where nevertheless there may be parametric assumptions about the distribution of model residuals.