Automated Personalization Task

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An Automated Personalization Task is an automated person-level decisioning task that basis its automated decisions on personal information (such as a user profile).



    • QUOTE: Personalization is a way by which a system identifies a user as a specific type of individual and then delivers relevant content and functionality to that user. ...

      Personalization is anticipation. When you personalize your website, app or any product, you anticipate what your users need or want. When you give them something useful, without them having to ask for it, you take them to a new level of user experience. How is this helpful? ...

      Personalization is different from customization. When a user is given a set of features in an interface from which they can choose what they want, it is called customization. Whereas, when data and technology are controlled behind the scenes to tailor an individual experience in real-time, it is called personalization.


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    • Personalization, sometimes known as customization, consists of tailoring a service or a product to accommodate specific individuals, sometimes tied to groups or segments of individuals. A wide variety of organizations use personalization to improve customer satisfaction, digital sales conversion, marketing results, branding, and improved website metrics as well as for advertising. Personalization is a key element in social media and recommender systems.