Long-Term Poverty

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A Long-Term Poverty is a societal sub-population with a pattern of poor households.



  • https://www.tolerance.org/classroom-resources/tolerance-lessons/issues-of-poverty
    • QUOTE: ... “Lessons in Poverty” is comprised of four lessons with two overarching goals. First, the lessons aim to help students understand that poverty is systemic, rooted in economics, politics and discrimination. Second, the lessons provide evidence to show that poverty, far from being random, disproportionately affects Americans who have traditionally experienced oppression — African Americans, Latinos, immigrants and children. ...


  • https://www.huffingtonpost.com/bruce-hartford/the-roots-of-poverty_b_2625943.html
    • QUOTE: ... while discrimination and lack of opportunity are certainly important factors, lack of political power (broadly defined) is a deeper, and more fundamental root cause of systemic poverty. In this context, “political power” refers to the ability to change (or maintain) some economic aspect of society. This kind of political power can be expressed via elections, lobbying, economic action (boycotts, strikes and mutual aid), and all the varied tactics of nonviolent direct action. ...