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An Item Ranking Task is an ordering task of a item dataset based on some ranking function.



    • In mathematics and theoretical computer science, the broadest and most abstract definition of an enumeration of a set is an exact listing of all of its elements (perhaps with repetition). The restrictions imposed on the type of list used depend on the branch of mathematics and the context in which one is working. In more specific settings, this notion of enumeration encompasses the two different types of listing: one where there is a natural ordering and one where the ordering is more nebulous. These two different kinds of enumerations correspond to a procedure for listing all members of the set in some definite sequence, or a count of objects of a specified kind, respectively. While the two kinds of enumeration often overlap in most natural situations, they can assume very different meanings in certain contexts.


  • (Li & Link 2006) ⇒ Ling Li, and Hsuan-Tien Lin. (2006). “Ordinal Regression by Extended Binary Classification.” In: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 19 (NIPS 2006).
    • We work on a type of supervised learning problems called ranking or ordinal regression, where examples are labeled by an ordinal scale called the rank. For instance, the rating that a customer gives on a movie might be one of do-not-bother, only-if-you-must, good, very-good, and run-to-see. The ratings have a natural order, which distinguishes ordinal regression from general multiclass classification.