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Subject Headings: Machine Learning Encyclopedia.


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Clustering; Statistical Machine Learning; Statistical Language Learning; Inductive Logic Programming; Learning and Logic; Meta-Learning; ROC analysis; Information Theory; Instance-based Learning Time Series; Policy Search and Active Selection; Reinforcement Learning; Artificial Neural Network; Text Mining; Machine Learning in Bioinformatics; Rule Learning; Evolutionary Computation; Behavioral Cloning; Search; Computational Learning Theory; Online Learning; Learning Paradigms; Model-based Reinforcement Learning; Active Learning; Explanation-based Learning; Data Mining; Graph Mining.

Book Overview

This comprehensive encyclopedia, with over 250 entries in an A-Z format, provides easy access to relevant information for those seeking entry into any aspect within the broad field of machine learning. Most entries in this preeminent work include useful literature references.

Topics for the Encyclopedia of Machine Learning were selected by a distinguished international advisory board. These peer-reviewed, highly-structured entries include definitions, illustrations, applications, bibliographies and links to related literature, providing the reader with a portal to more detailed information on any given topic.

The style of the entries in the Encyclopedia of Machine Learning is expository and tutorial, making the book a practical resource for machine learning experts, as well as professionals in other fields who need to access this vital information but may not have the time to work their way through an entire text on their topic of interest.


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2011 EncyclopediaOfMachineLearningEncyclopedia of Machine Learninghttp://books.google.com/books?id=i8hQhp1a62UC