SensEval-2 Benchmark Task

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A SensEval-2 Benchmark Task is a Benchmark Task for Word Sense Disambiguation that contains a Sense Tagged Corpora.


  • Ted Pedersen
    • This page contains versions of the Senseval-1, Senseval-2, line, hard serve, and interest data that have been converted to a common format (Senseval-2), POS tagged, and parsed. We have also created a page where disambiguated name discrimination data is available, and where a topic annotated version of the Enron Corpus is available.
    • SENSEVAL-2: Second International Workshop on Evaluating Word Sense Disambiguation Systems
    • 5-6 July 2001, Toulouse, France
    • An ACL SIGLEX Event
    • Also supported by EURALEX, ELSNET, EPSRC (grant GR/RO2337/01), and ELRA