Term Mention Linking Task

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A Term Mention Linking Task is a Word Sense Normalization Task that is restricted to term mentions. A Term Mention Linking Task is a Word Mention to Word Sense Resolution Task that is restricted to mapping Term Mentions.



  • (Krauthammer & Nenadic, 2004) ⇒ Michael Krauthammer, and Goran Nenadic. (2004). “Term Identification in the Biomedical Literature.” In: Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 37(6). doi:10.1016/j.jbi.2004.08.004
    • We differentiate three main steps for the successful identification of terms from literature: term recognition, term classification, and term mapping. ... While classification helps to establish some broad notion of the nature of a biomedical concept, it is not sufficient for establishing term identity. This is done by term mapping, which links terms to well-defined concepts of referent data sources, such as controlled vocabularies or databases. The linking definitely establishes the exact term identity (with respect to the referent data source). Mapped terms are annotated with referent identifiers (IDs) that act as keys to supplementary information such as preferred and synonymous terms, or sequence information. The mapping of terms is essential in any data integration efforts where acquired knowledge on specific biomedical concepts is aggregated across different data sources.